“They Test Us Every Month…”

Last Saturday night, Margaret took me out to her favorite San Francisco restaurant for a belated birthday dinner. Since her own restaurant was famous for both great food and wonderful service, I am always intrigued by a restaurant that impresses her.

When ordering wine, the waitress was very knowledgeable about some esoteric Italian regional wines. And all three wines we ordered were everything she promised. As we expected, everything about the food and the service was exceptional.

At the end of the meal, I asked the waitress how she knew so much about the wines. What she answered is as close to a secret of success as one will ever get in any restaurant. She enthusiastically answered, “I drink the wines, they are always teaching us about the wines and they test us every month.” She said this with a confident pride and enthusiasm.

In a restaurant, your servers are your sales force. They need to be trained. Not just once, but regularly. They need try all of your offerings so that they know and believe enthusiastically in your product. I guess you small business owners both restaurant and others are saying to yourself, “I cannot afford to regualrly train and test my employees.” I say that you cannot afford not to.