Monthly Archives: March 2011

Why Facebook

A year ago, if you had asked me about Facebook for small business, I would have replied that it was a cool waste of time for college kids, but that’s about all.  Since that time, I have completely reversed my opinion.

Now I believe (and tell my clients) that it is an essential tool for most, if not all, small business.  Here is why:

1. It is ubiquitous.  Last year, Facebook passed Google as the most popular Website.  Even the older (50 and above) demographic that you might expect to ignore Facebook has grown rapidly in the last year.

2. It is versatile.  You can easily modify your message, include photos, video and web links, and post it instantly.  How else could you promote a freshly cooked homemade soup for lunch today?

3. It is viral.  If you post interesting stuff, your friends will spread it for you.

4. It is free.

Facebook can still be a colossal waste of time and wasting time is the enemy of any business-person.  Don’t get sucked in.

I recommend much of what David Meerman Scott writes about web marketing.  He is unusually eloquent in his explanations.  His blog ( says it all in 61 words.