What Clients Say About Working with Michael Carroll

“Mike is a trusted advisor. He knows a lot about running a business and has been valuable to me to keep me focused and productive through a variety of challenges in running my bookstore.”
Christie Olson-Day, Owner Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino

“Since working with Michael Carroll, I have learned in easy stages how to understand and use the financial information provided by my QuickBooks accounting reports. I’ve hired a qualified assistant and learned how to provide training, feedback, and evaluations that are keeping both my assistant and myself on track. Probably most important of all, Michael keeps his focus on the human values underlying my business, and is always gently suggesting that I pursue the option that contains my heart’s desire. Michael is one of the essential reasons that I’m in my twelfth enjoyable and successful year.”
Theresa Whitehill, owner Colored Horse Studios

“Looking back on the process it could never have happened so gracefully nor so quickly without Michael’s expert assistance. From our very first meeting Michael was both reassuring and realistic. He was able to see the process in the round, all the way through a complicated and successful sale negotiation. He has my highest recommendation as a business consultant and now a friend, as well.”
Tony Miksak, former owner Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino

“Michael Carroll understands your business from the inside out. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has seen it all—nothing you say scares him! Without judgment or intimidation, he helps you understand and identify problems and solutions.”
Margaret Fox, business coach, consultant, author, restaurateur, Mendocino

“Mike Carroll is an artist as well as a business consultant. As an artist he understands the conflicts that arise with merging these differing values and blending in a means that raises the bottom line without loosing heart. His patience allows us the comfort of facing challenges he presents without feeling threatened. Thank you Mike Carroll.”
Rick and Megan Sacks The Sign Shop, Mendocino

“Michael Carroll has helped us get a grasp of exactly where our business stood and a vision of where we want to go.  He uses creative thinking and enthusiasm to inspire our progress.” —Devora Rossman, President Mendocino Mustard, Fort Bragg

“Thanks for all the help you gave me at the start. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s a good life right now.”
Lynne Calder Computer One-on-one, Fort Bragg, calder@mcn.org

“Working with Michael Carroll has been a revelation. Our business has prospered at so many different levels, not the least of which is financial. His capacity for asking new questions and his remarkable ability to see a wider landscape, has been enabling, empowering, energizing, and inspiring. After a meeting with him, we always feel better about our business, which propels us to go forward and take the next step.This, indeed , is a great skill. We look forward to continuing this insight – full learning process with Mr. Carroll, as New Dimensions enters a whole new cycle.”
Michael A. Toms, CEO. and Founding President New Dimensions Media