Favorite Books
on Business, Career, and Living

Career, Work, Life

Crossing the Unknown Sea:
Work as a pilgrimage of identity
David Whyte
ISBN: 1-57322-914-8
The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the
preservation of the soul in corporate America
David Whyte
ISBN: 0-38548-418-6
The Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle
ISBN 1-57731-480-8
How to Find The Work You Love
Laurence Boldt
ISBN 0-14219-629-0
The Monk and the Riddle
Randy Komisar
ISBN 1-57851-140-2
Money and the Meaning of Life
Jacob Needleman
ISBN 0-38526-242-6
The War of Art: Break through the blocks and win your creative battles
Steven Pressfield
ISBN 0-44669-143-7

Personality Type

Please Understand Me:
Character and Temperament Types
1984 (out of print but easy to find)
David Keirsey, Marion Bates
ISBN: 0-96069-540-0
What Type Am I?
Renee Baron
ISBN 0-14026-941-X

Business, Selling, Marketing

Crossing the Chasm
Geoffrey Moore
ISBN 0-06662-002-3
Predictably Irrational
Dan Ariely
ISBN 978-0-06-135323-9
The Tipping Point:
How little things can make a big difference
Malcolm Gladwell
ISBN 0-31634-662-4
Outliers: The Story of Success
Malcolm Gladwell
ISBN 0-31603-669-2
The New Strategic Selling
Heiman and Sanchez
Warner Books
ISBN 0-446-67346-3
Good to Great
Jim Collins
ISBN 0-06662-099-6
Why We Buy
Paco Underhill
ISBN 0-68484-914-3
Setting the Table
Danny Meyer
ISBN 978-0060742751
Employers Legal Handbook: 8th Edition
Nolo Press
ISBN 9781413304565

Publicity and Promotion

Get Slightly Famous: Become a celebrity
in your own field and attract more business
with less effort
Steven Van Yoder
ISBN: 0-97200-211-1
Stepping Stones